Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This still sucks

I feel like I've permanently gone to the dentist and he's keeping me on a continuous supply of Novocaine. Eating and drinking is weird. Licking my lips is an adventure. Seeing out of one eye (since the other is taped) makes me disoriented and tire quickly.

I'm ready for all this crap to be done. I'm tired of being tired. I'm tired of not being able to eat. I'm tired of all these medications I'm on - which have cost me a small fortune.

(And, by 'me', I mean my mother, cuz I don't have extra cash laying around to buy Rx's.)

I have had some health issue now for nearly a month. First my ear, then my lungs, now my face. I'm super not excited about it.

And, now, I'm going to lay back down because I think you've all put up with my whiny self long enough.


Bluepaintred said...

last time I went to the dentist, while the left side of my mouth was still numb, i took a tweezer and painlessly pulled out all the little lip hairs.

its a good plan, but now i need to get the right side frozen

angie said...

david says hey, and hopes you feel better soon. I've got pictures I'll get up soon. I think in 4 pictures it sums up all the camp lol

igs4me said...

i'm hoping your feeling better! i just got a root canal done, and all i can say is the if it hadn't been for the rx's i would have never made it through.

Sheila said...

Blue - Well, my skin isn't numb. Its the muscles. So, I think tweezing would still hurt like a b*tch.

Angie - I wish I could of gone today. Can't wait to see the 4 photos! ;)

IGS4ME - Regretfully, I'm not currently on any pain killers. I am on some that make me awfully drowsy, though.

Kentucky Girl said...

OMG. You summed it up PERFECTLY! LOL! I don't mean to laugh...but I know EXACTLY what you're feeling.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

I hope you feel better soon Sheila... and well if you dont get that prickly , needley feeling then thats good. I hate novicane and the way it feels when your face starts coming back to room temp. anyway feel better . Peace!

Trisha said...

Man, you'll do anything to keep from helping me finish the nursery won't ya! FINE. Let's just say I finished it myself (I haven't, but let's pretend)...NOW will you please start feeling better? I'm tired of worrying about ya.

Now don't forget that Tracie & Shawn & the kids will be here this weekend and they will want to see you all...so you better just drug yourself all up until then and get to feeling better or I WILL give you something to cry about. :o)

Elizabeth said...

Hang in there lady!
We will figure this all out. It is going to be ok. Hopefully this is the end of all your illnesses.
PS arent you proud I am blogging from some where other then work! OH YA!

RisibleGirl said...

For the record- there is NO WAY I could compete with this mess! :)

I'll put up with a goose egg on my head any day, over what you've been dealing with! Sheesh!

Sheila said...

KG - I'm glad to that someone understands this from a first-person point of view...

Sugar Queen - OMG, if my face did get that prickly feeling, I think it would drive me more crazy than it being numb!! Thank goodness that shouldn't happen.

Trish - Believe me, I'd much rather be finishing the nursery.

Eliz - If this isn't the end of my illness, I will have to consider selling my house to afford the ER bills!

RG - A goose egg?! Right, I think you had a smidge more than an goose egg.