Saturday, June 16, 2007



Went to the ER again tonight.

The whole shortness of breath thing was really starting to wear on me physically and mentally, and I couldn't find a medication OTC that would fix it.

Then, after Elizabeth spoke to her mother (an RN), it was highly suggested to visit the ER to rule out a heart attack. (Yeah, that made my anxiety go into overdrive, which in turn, made my shortness of breath so much worse....)

Anyway - I knew my doctor. I went to high school with her. That was kind of weird... We're not sure how we know each other, except passing each other through the halls, but we know we know each other... (Did that make sense?)

They gave me a benedryl shot. So, if this post is all over the place, that's why.

In fact, I'm impressed I've made it this far into this post.

I've got an inhaler and a 'script for some Visteril.

I wonder how much that costs (the 'script).

I wonder how much I've racked up in ER visits this past month.

I wonder when this benedryl will start to wear off...

I wonder when my ear will unclog completely.

I wonder when I will stop typing.

I wonder if the Visteril will have the same affect as the benedryl.

I wonder if I'm spelling benedryl correctly. Spell check has no idea. Neither do I.

Time to sleep...

OOooooh, Today (er, yesterday) was Trish's birthday. Go tell her happy belated birthday. I called her in my benedryl-drunkenlike state to tell her happy birthday. I think she was entertained. I have no idea what I told her. I'm sure happy birthday was in there some where.

PS - I wanted to quickly tell anyone who was concerned: I did not drive home tonight. Elizabeth and her sister managed all that. Thank goodness.


Bluepaintred said...

uhm woah

so . wanna quit smokin with me?

(pst get better, ok? If benadryl blogging is this much fun, i want to see you drink blog)

angie said...

well I'm glad you got it figured out, who was your dr? not that I'd know but i'm curious.

love ya, talk to you later

Trisha said...

You're such a nut. Thanks for drunk-benadryl dialing me and wishing me a happy b-day. You do indeed entertain me.

Elizabeth said...

Hey am so sorry lady but at least we ruled out the whole heart attack thing.