Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I just found Snake Number Two in the house just now, hidden under Tom's wheelchair. It was a little larger than the last, still not too huge.

Yeah, I still made Paul take it outside.

No, the cats did not harm this one. In fact, they never even saw it.

I wonder if it hopped a ride on Tom's wheelchair while he was outside today...

You know, once was interesting. Twice makes me start thinking about making sure I sleep with my mouth closed... (I don't wanna snake crawling into my mouth while I sleep. It could happen. It could. Yes.It.Could. Shut up.)

The million dollar question is, "How in the world are they getting inside?!"

Someone find the hole and block it, please. Kthx.


Bluepaintred said...

do you have a celler basement or attic?

its spring, and uhm. well June is the big month for snake eggs to hatch. you might have a momma who had babies in the above places and they are all trying to get outside now....

were the two snakes the same kind?

take a picture next time so we can identify it please

Sheila said...

We're on a slab foundation. No basement or understorage. No real attic to speak of either... I mean, there is some space up there, but not a lot. These are the snakes, I'm fairly certain. Very typical around this area.

Elizabeth said...

Um yeah this doesn't look good. You need to look around your house and see if you can find any possible holes where they might be coming in?? How big of a gap is there on your doors? I don't think that it is big enough but have never really stared at the bottom of your doors for no reason. Maybe one of you living in the house was a snake in a past life and now they are drawn to you?? Ok just kidding but stranger things have happened.
Um I wouldn't worry about it crawling on you in your sleep so much you know they are more scared of you then you are of them. However that doesn't mean it won't bite you if you get in its way or scare it. But you know don't worry too much hopefully they will stop living in your house.

Trisha said...

Ahhh...poor little baby snakes. They don't mean no harm. LOL. Well, really they don't. Not their fault they are snakes. Even though I don't mind snakes most of the time, when they are a "surprise" I'm not a fan of that. They are tricky little things like mice, they seem to be able to get in ANYWHERE they want.

harleyblues said...

Ohhh I hate snakes I always think Is gonna crawl up the toliet bowl for some reason I read that years ago somewhere

All the best Harleyblues

Kentucky Girl said...

Nuuuuu! I can't imagine creepy crawlies in my house. I mean, I think baby snakes are the cutest things....but I don't want them in my house really....yikes!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

hey I really love your blog !
You should read my post for yesterday it involved a snake ! really it did LOL I am not fishing for comments or hits I just had a great story about snakes well a snake LOL
Im adding you to my blog roll because I really enjoyed reading yours.
Peace! Judy

angie said...

i saw one under our front step, it was just a little guy. by the time I thought about catching him to put him in our cage the chipmunk scared back under. I'm sure I'll see him again. oh? um, nevermind I'll talk to you this weekend.