Friday, June 08, 2007

Great Expectations

My cats have proved themselves to be worthwhile.

They've done their fair share of mice chasing. They've also taken out a few gnarly looking insects, much to my delight (until I have to remove the dead carcass!).

Well, today, they've exceeded my expectations.

While walking through the living room, I noticed my two cats huddled around Paul's amplifier. I didn't really think much of the activity, until they didn't come running when I filled their food bowl.

I decide to walk over to investigate the situation that have captured my cats attention so intently.

Poking out through the bottom of the speaker mesh is a tiny little tail.

No. Its not a mouse.

Its a snake. An itty bitty tiny snake. Maybe about 6 inches long, max.

Now, for some odd reason, I'm not nearly as terrified of snakes as I am of mice. (Not that I'm going to pick up some random snake, mind you.) If it had been a mouse, I would of immediately gone to find Paul and made him take of the problem quickly.

Since it was a snake though, and such a little guy, I watch the activities for a minute and continue on my way. I figure I'd give the snake a fighting chance, but I wasn't going to help him out either. If he escaped from the amplifier and I saw him running from the cats, I'd help him back outside. But, if the cats got to him - fair is fair.

About thirty minutes later, I check on my cats. They're still sitting in front of Paul's speaker. Looking a little closer, I notice the teeny tiny snake is laying motionless in front of the speaker.

Now, I might not be terrified of snakes. But, I hate dead animals. I'm not going to touch it. End of story.

So, I call Paul in to remove the poor little guy. After removing the snake from the house, I was told that the cats had just nibbled on the snakes tail. It wasn't dead. It took off as soon as it was let go outside.

Gooooood kitties!

I'm kind of nervous to see what else they might find, though.


Bluepaintred said...

awwwwwwwww. I would have set it up in an aquarium and given my kitty heck for being mean!

Snakes, especially baby snakes are damn cute!@

no idea what kind it was? you didn't take any pictures? next time, pictures!!

Sheila said...

It was a typical garden snake. Maybe a ribbon snake. I didn't think to take pictures of it... and I kind of hope there isn't a next time. ;)

angie said...

don't know if you're interested but ironicly enough I got a postcard from the curves in LS and they're wanting 50 female volunteers to do the program for 21 days.... 3 days a week. I can't do it since I'm a member but I was wondering if for some crazy reason you'd be interested.

and you didn't pick up the baby snake? the poor thing lol I wonder why it didn't get away on its own

jane said...

I'm sure you know this, but baby snakes are more poisonous than any other size snakes. We found 1 behind our bedroom headboard. Could we borrow your cats?

Kentucky Girl said...

Cute itty bitty snake. :D

I had a cat once who was partially an outdoor guy and he used to kill lizards for me as gifts. I was soooooo pleased to have dead lizards at my doorstep every single day. Heh

Trisha said...

First exactly do snakes "run" away from their attackers? Just wondering if your "snake" had little legs or something. :o)

Second question...why would you not help the poor little thing out? I think you need to be a little more animal friendly, next time I'm calling PITA on you.

Sheila said...

Sorry that I didn't rescue the snake, everyone. Geez, I didn't know I was going to get so much grief about it... ;)

Ang - Don't know about that Curves thing. Will have to talk to you about it.

Jane - Yes, you can borrow my cats. $25 a day rental. :D

KG - I'd rather have presents on my front step then bleeding into my carpet!

Trish - Okay, slithered?

Elizabeth said...

I am sorry but snakes are the devil. One tried to kill me when i was little, of course that was no baby snake and it was in Africa but I still don't like them.
I don't blame you for not helping the snake out it might have given you a nice little bite.