Saturday, June 09, 2007

I'm a Do'er

I'm not a planner when it comes to projects around the house or crafts.

I'm one of those people that gets a 'bright idea' and starts on it immediately. I don't ever think it through completely. I never plan out each step to make sure that I've got all my bases covered.

I find myself regularly saying, "Oh, that would of been easier if I thought about it a little first."

For instance, I've decided to knit a purse. I'm not an experienced knitter at all. In fact, I have only 'mastered' scarf making.

By mastered, I mean: I start, knit, and finish a contraption that looks similar to a scarf. Any trained eye would see the flaws of dropped stitches, inconsistent tension of the yarn, and major snags.

I do not use a pattern. I only understand the basic lingo anyhow, and have no attention span when it comes to following the directions. Considering I only know one stitch and only know how to knit a straight line, I figure a pattern is a little beyond my reach anyhow.

Anyhow - back to this whole purse-knitting-episode. It all sounded great in theory. I'm nearly done with it. Maybe I'll post pictures of it when I'm done.

Needless to say, if I had thought about it a little more before I had started, it would of turned out differently. Not that its horrible looking, or non-functional. It just could of been better.

It's kind of like my kitchen curtains. They're not ugly, in my opinion. It just wasn't the picture I had in my head. I easily could of created the 'picture in my head' if I had just slowed down and planned out my steps. But, instead, I jumped in full force and ended up with a different result.

I've got a couple other craft projects in the wings that I haven't started yet. I'm actually going to try to plan them out before I start them, though... Here's hopin'!


Kentucky Girl said...

I love planning things. :D Can't wait to see your purse!

Bluepaintred said...

had I tried to sew those curtains, my green ribbon at the top would NOT have been straight.


Send detailed instructions. I need curtains like that. how for instance do you attach the rod thingy the curtains hang from the door onto the door?

i suck

ang said...

so whats going on with the car thing?

Trisha said...

Planning is for sissies! LOL. I'm just saying. :o)

Sheila said...

KG - The purse is done. Its... interesting. I'll get pictures soon-ish.

Blue - The only reason that ribbon is straight is because there was a line to follow when I cut the material. You need to know how to hang a curtain rod?!

Ang - Uhm, I haven't talked to anyone about the car thing... ideas?

Trish - Yeah, you're not a big planner, are you!

Elizabeth said...

That sounds fun!
I think that if you actually did it you would be a great planner!