Monday, June 11, 2007

the weekend

Saturday, Tom's friend called and asked us if we wanted to go hang out at the lake. Tom was all about it, so we loaded up in the van and headed out.

Once we got to our designated location and unloaded, we decided to cut through the uncut grass to get lakeside.

Did anyone tell you that the ticks are really bad this year? Well, they are. REALLY.BAD.

After hanging out at the waters edge, we head back toward the van and proceed to de-tick for approximately 15 minutes. Tom and I each had one embedded on us. (I made sure to pull their stupid heads out.) I hate ticks. Hate them. HATE.

Sunday, I went over to Tom's mom's to help her and Trish clean out the room which will be for the baby. Time really seemed to fly over there, but I guess it took us about 5 hours to clear out the room. I hope I'm able to help paint, too! I love to see a room come together.

Hopefully I'll be able to get over there next weekend also to help get everything else done for them.

I'm really tired and scattered today. Interestingly enough, I'm not sore though.


Elizabeth said...

Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!
Ew I hate ticks too.
That sux but at least you guys got out at the lake for a while am sure that was fun, right?

Bluepaintred said...


when do I stop gagging at the thought of a tick. on. you.

a tick

lme disease.

icky yucky buggy


Kentucky Girl said...

lalalalala! I don't do bugs. 'Specially ones that suck my will to live. *cries*

Trisha said...

What is the purpose of a tick? Aren't there enough blood suckers in this world already, namely MEN!?!? :o)

I'm glad you weren't sore! Yay!! We didn't get to paint last night FYI. We DID however go buy the paint & border so that will be a chore that we'll get to do maybe, possibly tonight (I know you have the cable person coming). If not tonight it will have to wait until the weekend as mom has classes every night after tonight. So we'll see. I'll keep ya posted on that too. :o)

angie said...

guess who's truck wouldn't start to go get inspected this morning.... yeah new appointment time, 8 am next tuesday. but bryan? said that they'd see about towing the gtos up sometime to check the fuel lines and all that stuff for us.... so thats a bonus.
well off to other errands in hope they get completed.

Sheila said...

Eliz - Yes, the lake was fun! It was a busy public lake, though. That was weird.

Blue - believe me, I was not at all happy seeing a tick embedded on me.

KG - I'm with you one hundred percent!

Trish - I have no idea what their purpose is! I'll see if your brother will let me come help paint tonight. Call me.

Ang - I wonder why the truck wouldn't start?! Yay that Bryan offered to check out the GTOs. Wonder how much that'll cost...