Friday, June 08, 2007


We're switching our internet provider on Tuesday. I'm excited about this for a couple of reasons:

1 - My credit card won't get hit every month with the bill - which means I would be more able to make a dent in my outstanding balance. (It's good logic - hopefully it'll really happen!)

2 - Hopefully the internet will not be as finicky, making our ability to connect during rain storms more possible.

3 - Technically, the new service will be faster. And, hopefully, it will be a steady speed. The provider we use right now slows down and speeds up more than an inexperienced driver trying to maintain the speed limit.

We're going to give our old set up to Tom's older sister. She's connected with dial up right now. She's in the same boat that we were in a couple years ago, the only options are dial up or satellite.

Although I can't wait to get rid of my satellite access, I would definitely rather have it than dial up!


Elizabeth said...

Cable rocks, I promise. It was the best money we ever spent the speed is much better and although nothing is perfect it rarely goes out. I think that you will love it especially as many windows as you like to use.

Sheila said...

I can't wait! Neither can Tom. It's almost like Christmas eve!