Thursday, June 07, 2007

Easy to find

One luxury in working in one place for so long is that anyone can find you.

Case in point, today an employee comes to my little section of the store and lets me know I have a visitor. Visitors aren't rare occurrences for me. Normally they are planned visits, though. This impromptu visitor threw me off a little bit.

I stick my head out the door and see my dear old friend Melissa whom I've not seen in over a year. I spent some time talking to her, the husband and their adorable 14 month old daughter.

Once or twice I've had friends that I've literally not seen in 5 years or so track me down because they know that someone will know how to find me if they go to the store. More than once, I've gotten a phone call from an employee at the store saying something like: "(insert name here) says that you know them. They want to talk to you."

In fact, I was the 'best woman' and an old friend's beach wedding after 3 years of not seeing each other. All because he knew he could find me just by asking the right people ...


angie said...

what no pictures?

Trisha said...

Who really would want to find YOU of all people? :o) Just teasing.

It's kind of like me having the same phone # at my moms for 33 years...not that anyone really looks for me, but if they try that number...there I am. Kinda sad really.

Elizabeth said...

Sometimes that can be cool that people know how to find you and other times not so cool. :-)
But in this case that is awesome how is the cute little family?

Blogarita said...

I'd think it be one of the drawbacks, too.