Wednesday, June 06, 2007


My left ear itches.


Deeeeeeep inside.

I can't figure out how to scratch it.

It's slowly driving me crazy.

This better mean its healing.

Yes, this is seriously my post today.

(Oh, and we're going to the doctor today. Its routine.)


mist1 said...

Eat something spicy. Or drink something bubbly. Or make that pig nose in the back of your throat.

I'm not a doctor, but from your description of your symptoms, I think that you are having an access problem. If you can't get at your ear through your ear canal, you'll have to go in through the mouth.

I've had lots of ear infections. I have tricks for soothing ear discomfort.

Bluepaintred said...

i agree with mist. the bubbly works WELL for me.

I have has ear infections since 1996.

angie said...

i figured you didn't wnat to borrow the truck, I was just trying to pawn off responsiblity

Elizabeth said...

Um I think that you should use a q-tip or get some of that like lavendar oil crap and use it in your ear. I can't remember which one it is but some kind of oil is supposed to make that go away.
I don't know if it actually works but is worth a shot. ????

Sheila said...

Mist and Blue - I'm a Diet Coke freak, so I'm always drinking something bubbly. It hasn't helped the itch yet.

Ang - Yeah, thanks for trying to make me wake up early on Tues. NOT HAPPENING. ;)

Eliz - I'm so not sticking a qtip in there! I think that might of been some of the cause of the problem to begin with...

Trisha said...

Spider babies being born. That's all I have to say. :o)

jane said...

I'm always glad when something on my left side itches (ie...hand, foot, whatever) cuz supposedly when your left hand itches it means you get money. So I figure left anything means something good. (?)

Oh, it's supposed to be mineral oil that helps, but with my ear, it just made it feel oily.
A few drops of peroxide can actually help if it's just common wax.