Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Take me for a ride in your Car Car...

(It's a Peter Paul and Mary song. I promise. I swear! Angie, back me up on this one...)

Anyway - point being, I got my car inspected and licensed today. All done within an hour and a half, including flipping travel time into LS and back! OMG, do you believe it?! Amazing, isn't it. You're jealous.

While getting my car inspected, the mechanics (whom knew my dad well) kept asking me why the convertible top wasn't down on my car today. Believe me, it was the perfect day for it too!

I quickly and truly answered, "Cuz it won't go down anymore."

The two nodded in agreement that it was a good reason to not have it down, then asked why I hadn't had it fixed.

I honestly explained that the Saab dealership wasn't exactly in my price range, and asked if they knew of some place that would look at it for me.

One of them gets a bright idea, and goes out into the garage. Turns out one of their employees used to work at a similar dealership, and has a clue about how to work on my Saab. He mentioned something about it probably having its motor disengaged? Heck, I dunno.

To make a long story longer, I'm supposed to take my car up there and drop it off for the day so the guy can piddle around with it to see how to fix the problem. (Angie - whatcha doin' Tuesday? I would need to call them to see if that day is okay...)

I might have a convertible again before the nice weather is gone! Whoo-hoo!

A couple other highlights for the day:
- totally in and out of the License Bureau within 10 minutes.
- Trish and Tom's mom came out with the video of the 4D sonogram, which was crazy cool!!
- Friends of ours came out to the house for a nice BBQ and good conversation
- and in the process, fixed the wireless connection
- we had apple pie a la mode for desert - YUMMY!


Blogarita said...

In and out in 10 minutes thanks to the bigger, better License Bureau office in LS. It'd have taken you 10 minutes just to make it to the door of the old one.

angie said...

i have a buttload of stuff going on tuesday the 12th, including having to get the truck to summit south at 10:30.... hmmm you want to borrow the truck while they've got your car? lol its pretty awesome that they might be able to fix it, talk about a blessing.

Trisha said...

Yay...having the convertible back. Might be the only way I'll be able to fit in there before long.

Good girl getting things done...you did however forget to mention that you also helped me put some much needed oil in my car. Oh right, that was on MY "to do" list...not yours. :o)