Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gemme some cash!

I started another blog a while ago. It was created with the sole purpose of becoming a 'money making' blog.

If you could check it out for me, so I can get some traffic flowing through there, that would be superb. I'm not asking you to read it necessarily, unless you want to. There's no one holding a gun to your head (except for you... don't look over your shoulder!).

Fav it on technorati, add it to your blogroll, stick it in your bloglines and stalk it regularly.

Thanks muchly and stuff.

You're helping me pay my electricity bill!

And, OMG, you have to check out this site. The pictures make my mouth water. Anyone willing to make any of this stuff and let me sample it, I'm all for it.



Sugar Queens Dream said...

Sheila, I can make this stuff and so much more,LOL, come look at my archives , I can cook and bake ! All you have to do is come visit!
I'll go look at your money making blog...

Bluepaintred said...

i faved you, naturally! I loved the description of our blog you used for technorati! that shit cracks me up!

Elizabeth said...

Well I did it. I went there and I have to say I think that I am no smarter for doing so just so you know.
Maybe I just don't know enough about all this stuff. :-(