Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It was a busy day...

I helped a man jump out of a plane.
(I only drove him to the airport.)

I pushed a Hummer from its parking spot to a new location.
(It was in neutral, and there were several people helping. The keys were not readily available, and we needed it moved.)

I stole a car.
(I knew the owner of the car. The keys were laying out in the open. I moved the car to a new location without asking permission. The owner of the car had no idea where there car was...)

I fired a loaded gun at Military personnel on purpose.
(It was a water gun at an Army Reservist.)

BTW - each of these statements are honestly 100 percent true. This week is Day Camp.


Not a Granny said...

OMG, I was a little worried. Hadn't heard from you in awhile, thought okay, we have to guess which one is correct, which is why she wasn't posting! Missed your posts by the way!!

Bluepaintred said...

Dude. Who said you get to have more fun than me?


Why wasn't I invited?


Sheila said...

Not a Granny - First, I must say that I normally abbreviate names, but yours turns into NAG, and I can't do that... Secondly, I've been around, but especially whiney and decided not to torture everyone else.

Blue - Uhm, you have more fun than me on a regular basis. This is the FIRST time I've EVER had more fun than you. Evah!

Blogarita said...

Oh, just day camp. I thought you were turning into super woman.

angie said...

that does sound pretty freakin' awesome. yesterday was a goood day but today I'm scared.... really really scared. I don't plan to be dry - I'm seriously bring towels. and I'm stealing your post for my xanga and myspace, I will put from sheila.... or something. see ya in a a couple hours.

angie said...

ok I won't steal it because all I mainly did was start a war with the army. . . and slept in my contacts... I woke up this morning looked at my case.... guess I was tired last night. I'm sore today though.

Not a Granny said...


You can make it NAG, kind of fits most days. I ahve been answering to granny lately. (can you believe it)

Elizabeth said...

You are so funny! Sounds like you had a lot of fun thought and this is good for you!
Big hugs from me. :-)

Blogarita said...

You've been tagged!

mist1 said...

Suddenly, my life feels dull.

Sheila said...

Blogarita - Well, I'm kinda superwoman. Maybe. Please?

Angie - I liked the way it sounded too! I'll probably never be able to write that stuff down again.

Granny - I think that I'll go with Granny instead of NAG. I just can't do NAG...

Eliz - Well, yeah, we had fun. It was filled with long periods of crap and short spurts of fun!

Blogarita - Tagged? Geez, Blue got me earlier this week. Okay, I'll post it early next week sometime.

Mist1 - What? Your life seems dull in comparison to mine?! WHOOHOO!!! That's sayin' somethin'.