Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Whiney McWhinerton - That's Me!

I just added up what I believe to be all of my medical bills. The total is $4322 for 3 ER visits. Only one of those visits required any medical equipment use, and it was for precaution - not necessity.

I have filled out the paperwork and mailed it in to see about adjusting my bill due to lack of insurance and low income. I'm not certain that I will get the adjustment, though, because they (yes, the infamous THEY) only give you 14 days to complete and mail in the paperwork. Well... uhm... I was not feeling well during each of those 2 week periods, and didn't get the paperwork mailed in until nearly a month after the last visit to the ER. So, I'm crossing my fingers that they'll allow the paperwork to go through.

Also, our level payment on our electricity bill has been adjusted, starting this month. It more than doubled. Which, really, I was expecting. The company had set the payment level from when the house was on the market and was vacant for half a year, hence no electricity was used and our bill was lower. I just was really hoping that the bill wouldn't be adjusted this month.

And, by switching our internet & cable service so we could save money... the new company did not inform us that they expect one months payment upfront. Which means they hit us with an unexpectedly large bill also.

Ooh, and once more - my flipping credit card minimum payment has increased a third as much as well. Which, obviously, if you use your credit card, your payment goes up. But, I've almost gotten every monthly charge taken off my credit card. I just had a couple of yearly charges hit my card this month too.

Tom's van has some issue - like a burning wire smell... and you can actually see the smoke coming from the passenger front wheel well after its been driven. We have no idea what's happening there. And, my check engine light has been on longer than I would of expected if it was only attempting to clue me in to getting an oil change.

I'm very aggravated that I've gotten myself into this stressful situation. I may not be a genius when it comes to money, and I do realize that unexpected obstacles come up, but this is a little ridiculous in my opinion. I'm frustrated that Tom's birthday is at the end of this month and I will not be able to get him a present.

I hate that a lot of companies have these crazy long contracts. Like my stupid security system - three year contract. I would cancel it if I could. But, alas, I'm only one year into the contract. (I should check to see what the penalty is to cancel early, though.)

I'm sorry I'm so whiney. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though. My car will be paid off in a year - then that monthly payment will be able to help us out significantly. And, of course, I'm still looking to either win the lottery or find some alternative means of making money (Yes, Blue, I'm looking into PPP tonight, FINALLY).


Bluepaintred said...


this whole situation sucks.

how on earth can they charge that much for doing dick shit all?

Give tom your love. Thats all he really needs!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Its hard on us when we have to face the truths of finances.... I have had to turn my check book, all my credit cards and my bank card over to my Husband ... why? because I have a spending problem and it needed controlling....I had 3 bounced checks and I just couldn't say no to people why they needed something so I would buy what they needed even if I was going broke doing it. Plus my Dr. bills are out of this world now, so I have to live in pain because of the money issues that I caused LOL..... I just cried when I handed them over but now that Ive done it, Its his baby ! I know this has nothing to do with what you and Tom are going through but I'm tired and I'm truly trying to make some conversation and show some blog love.... Hugs sweetie! I hope things get better soon...

Blogarita said...

I agree with Blue. I've been where you are, and it sucks. Things are still tight around here, hence me going back to work.

If THEY won't reduce those medical bills the first time, don't hesitate to appeal.

Jennifer said...

Just relax and don't let it stress you. This like all things will pass, just pay what you can.

The electric company will probably understand, so I would call them first. Tell them that you didn't budget for the increased bill this month and you won't be able to start it til next after you have done the cable stuff you said.

The medical bills can wait. Medical stuff doesn't usually affect medium good credit for the good or bad, so relax with that.

You should look into getting a regular doctor that you can head into the office with little notice though or one that will give you a pager number. Yeah....they do exist, but hard to find some places.

Mostly though, relax....and blog. Blogging is good for your health. It is a way to stress relief...at least for me.

the seee-star or stir.... ? said...

I think tom would rather you be healthy and stressless .... thats a great present.... plus he's got enough toys ;-) just out spend some time outside or something. yes thats supposed to be invisible to tom.