Wednesday, August 01, 2007

They always forget my birthday...

(PS - This is NOT a sponsored post! I get nothing from writing this, except an ulcer because it reminds me of how poor I really am!!!)

How in the world did my address turn up on Bassett Furniture's mailing list?

I literally did a double take at the address label, to make sure the magazine had found its way to the wrong zip code. Its marked to be delivered to 'Our Friends At (insert my address here)'.

Bassett Furniture has friends here? Where?

Like, good enough friends that I can call and ask for a loan, then never pay it back? Or are we only friends that nod politely in the grocery store, but name drop when it works best for the situation? I definitely don't see Bassett Furniture as the type to remember my birthday...

Cuz, weze kuntry lyk folx har.

And, I'm not talking country as in owning a stud farm, growing corn for half of Missouri or the next music group you're going to see on tour.

No! I mean, we're a former trailer park slowly movin' up in the world! Like, my place, it doesn't have wheels under it!

Point being, I am so poor that I have never even heard of this company!

Don't get me wrong, their stuff is beautiful and whatnot. I definitely took the time to drool over the pretty photos.

I'm just oblivious as to what someone whose house payment is a third of their Hanover Modular Storage dippity-doo-dah is supposed to do with such literature...

I almost feel like I would be poorer if I threw the magazine away!


Not a Granny said...

Did it come with one of those, "no payments til 2020" scam things? Meanwhile the interest is piling up at 30%..

Sheila said...

testing, 1, 2, 3