Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It all started last Wednesday night, when on a whim, Trish and I decided to go to the boats. It was about 9 PM before we had even discussed going, and at least 10 PM before we got to Ameristar. Of course, I have no money. So, Trish handed me some cash and we went on our merry ways. Normally, one of us wins while the other loses. That night started out very similar to all the others, until we sat down at the Goldfish penny slots and both of us proceeded to do well for a long time. Its the longest I've ever sat at a machine. I ended up cashing out with enough money to pay back Trish and hold on to almost twice that. Ah! Enough money to buy Trish a baby shower present! Yay!

Elizabeth and I spend a lot of time together over the next couple of days. We literally saw each other on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Which, if you knew her schedule, you'd understand how impressive that is! We get our present bought for Trish's shower after having to put several things back because we were going way over budget. Baby things are so cute, its hard to not spend millions in one trip!!

Saturday I have to buy my bridesmaid dress for Elizabeth's wedding in April. I fit into a smaller size than I expected, although I still need to loose a couple of pounds. Well, I need to loose a lot of weight, but just a couple pounds for the dress to fit a little nicer.

Sunday is Trish's baby shower. Trish, Renee, Elizabeth and I definitely thought we should hang out again soon. I think the four of us together could be entertaining to watch. The baby shower was awesome of course. My quilt was a hit, although I totally outed myself on the parts that I got help with (that beautiful pillow was not even thought of by me! and the binding... yeah, not me either).

Monday I went to Trish's and helped put stuff together and move things around after dropping Tom's van off at the garage. Trish and Dona took me home later that evening and visited with Tom for a while before heading out.

I've finally slowed down a little bit. Yesterday didn't hold any plans, and I think the same will happen today. I'm going to have to pick up the van sometime today because Tom has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Trish also has an ultra sound tomorrow that, if our schedule works out, I'll be going to also.

Wow, I'm exhausted all over again just by typing all that out... I'm going to take a nap.


Blogarita said...

I'm impressed! I don't have the patience for quilting.

Not a Granny said...

Wow..that was quite the weekend! You deserve a nap!

Trisha said...

Ahhh...what a week it was! Glad I got ya girl!! Yep, you, Elizabeth, Renee and I ... I see trouble ahead in about 6 months or so. Oh yeah...good times...good times!!!

Elizabeth said...

HA. I agree with Trish trouble might be in our future but boy am I looking forward to it.
We did have a crazy weekend together! Yay for time we got to spend together.
God help me when I become a mom.