Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chatty Cathy

Tom and Paul had loads of fun at the Chiefs Locker Room show. It'll be shown (local TV, of course) on KCTV Sunday at 10 AM, or something.

Tom was a little chatter box when he got home, telling me all sorts of things about the taping. And, of course, he showed off his autographs and photos from the Chiefs players.

I hope they decide to go again, because it seems like they really had a lot of fun!

I teased Tom all night about hob-knobbing with celebrities.

Pee Ess - wtf is hob-knobbing, anyhow?!


Bluepaintred said...

that is when you shine a knob with a caterpillar hob.

I think.

opit said...

Britspeak for the elite isn't just 'toffs' : 'nob' isn't terribly respectful of the appreciation level of the more inconvenient realities of life by the pampered set.Clear as mud ?