Monday, November 19, 2007

Are you invited?

Elizabeth's wedding invitations came in today. How do I know this? They got mailed to my house, since I'm home all day, to prevent any possible weather damage or thievery. (Not that either of these things would occur, but would you want to risk the possibility of your wedding invitations getting damaged? Hell no!)

Anyway - they're super cute. I really hope she likes them, which she should... she picked them out. Maybe here soon I'll take a picture or two of them so she can put them on her blog.

Now we're working on the program. All the big important stuff is starting to pull together for her wedding, which means we're getting closer to the big day!

RisibleGirl sent me some tantowels which I'm super excited to try, but haven't done so yet. Maybe I'll play with those tonight. There will be before and after pictures of that, I promise!

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