Thursday, May 18, 2006

I fought the * and I WON!

* Mortgage company. Although everyone enjoys a lower payment, I was positive when I received my first statement that come next April I wouldn't be liking it so much. I literally called the mortgage company 5 days in a row trying to explain to them that I was not paying enough money to them. (Who fights to pay more money?!) They tell me 39203 different things each time - all basically telling me that the statement is correct, which I know its not... my head feels like its going to explode. Finally, after the 4th phone call today, I get through someone's thick skull that I am not paying my private mortgage insurance and they need to fix this pronto. Amazingly enough, they agree. I am now paying the correct amount and will not be slammed with a huge bill come next April.

* Lawn Mower. Angie had some riding lawn mower issues, so went to use the push mower with no luck. So, when stopping over today, I decide to give it a whirl. And, eventually, I get the push mower started. I mowed the front yard. Angie started on the side yard. She looks learily at the ditches (I don't blame her), but I've decided today I'm SuperWoman. So, I give it a go. And take a break. And give it another go, accomplishing the ditches!! Whoo-hoo. (I don't wanna do that again.) BTW - Frank fixed the riding mower during this process, thank goodness.

* Chocolate DQ Machine. Yeah, yeah. I'm only a cake lady. But, Nick comes back and asks me for help figuring out the chocolate (which, Nick does not normally ask / need help, so I mosey on up front and give it a looksee.) I check this, look at that, tighten that... nothing helps. I could call the manager, but the poor soul has never been shown how to work on the machines, so I know he will not be of any help. I call Kirk (the owner). I tell him the situation, he gives me a couple things to beat on (literally) to see if that'll fix the problem. Of course, it doesn't. He tells me the pump needs to be taken apart. Yay! I haven't done that in years and years... I could call the manager and make him come fumble through it, but I'd have to show him how to do it anyhow. So, instead, I do it myself. And, it works afterwards! Impressive, I know.

Tomorrow I'm taking on the fire department (to get a burn permit) and the license bureau, if I get motivated. They shouldn't be as troublesome. Who ever thought that someone would say the LICENSE BUREAU would not be troublesome!!

Holy geez. What is the world coming to?

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telakiniya said...

talk about a busy bumblebee! Thank you again so much for helping mow the lawn - it seriously wouldn't of gotten done with out you.. BTW did mom tell you she called mark and left a message on the answering machine? and keep me updated on the dirt track car thing