Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Team Building

We went over to the old place today to pick up our plants. I say they're our plants, but we all know they are Tom's plants. ;)

Tom's dad offered the sweat, tears and transportation for these large transplants. Hopefully they'll all survive. But, as Tom said, his $18 rose bush has produced its money's worth... but it would be nice if they make it.

I also decided to start motivating to hang some pictures in the house.

We have this one piece of artwork that Tom and I made ourselves - the puzzle pieces. Tom had to rig it in his 'handyman way' to hang it originally. But, of course, trying to explain to me how he had it done at the old place was traumatizing for he and I both.

I am not fluent in power tools. I am not an expert at using a tape measure. And, I'm not real good at deciphering Tom's construction jargon of 'plum' and whether or not the screw has a 'shoulder'... ;)

It was (as I told Angie via text message) a wonderful team building exercise.

We weren't doing really well as a team though.

Finally, after some deep breaths and time outs, we organized ourselves long enough and managed to hang this piece of artwork. (Yeah - don't look behind the artwork... I'll need to spackle that eventually... sounds like another great team building event!)

Thank goodness the rest won't be so hard!

And, now I know about screw's shoulders! Plum is a little iffy, though.

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