Friday, June 23, 2006


Going to the doctor made sense, but we didn't do that.

We slept. Tom slept until almost 4 pm. Which, when you go to bed at 5 am, isn't too ridiculous when you're sick.

Anyhow - knock on wood - Tom's feeling better today. Not 100 percent by any means, but fairly decent considering he's been sick since Monday.

He had a cup of soup earlier, then craved some Mac and Cheese just a while ago. To the best of my knowledge, he's not felt nauseated all day.

So, we'll hope we've reached the end of this.

Tom's family is coming over tomorrow, since his sister and her family are up from Oklahoma. If everyone shows up, it'll be more packed than the housewarming party last Saturday at its attendance peak.

Our friend Mindy brought over two ceiling fans today to replace the one in the living room. I have no idea when she was here. They just appeared. Now, I must find a temporary place to store them until I can find some sucker wonderful person to switch 'em out for me.

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telakiniya said...

i didn't know if you had gotten door stoppers yet, but deals had a pack of 3 for *drum roll* $1 so I got them for you... they're they black plastic ones but I figured they might work for something