Monday, August 28, 2006


Gummy Spiders

Tom's mom decided I needed these for my birthday!

Isn't that just so sweet?

I have to say, my stomach kind of turned a little as I ate one.

Of course, she gave me these because of Movie Night.

On the up side, though, Rudy was on again the other night. And, amazingly, we caught it about 5 minutes before the part I missed.

So, I turn it on and instantly I had to pick up my feet and put them on the bed.

I told Tom I may never be able to watch that movie with my feet on the floor again.

And, the ridiculous part was that I had missed 15 minutes of the movie due to the little episode I had the other night.

I definately gave Tom crap for allowing me to carry on for 15 minutes about that spider.

Of course, if I see another spider of that magnitude again, I'll know I'll spend at least 15 minutes reacting to it from now on.

Good to know.

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telakiniya said...

she gets points for the thought behind it thats for sure lol