Monday, October 23, 2006

What does tomorrow hold?

Well, I guess I'm going to crawl under my desk and pull all my computer cords out of this little devil of a machine.

Then, I'm going to call upon my inner computer geek (because I have to have a little geekiness in me somewhere, what with my siblings being so smart about this stuff) and take the blasted thing apart.

Okay, okay. Not like 'complicated brain surgery' apart. More like, 'take the casing off' apart.

Then, I'm going to shake (read: carefully vacuum) all the dust out of my craputer.

And then, we're gunna shove the thing back together and see if my craputer would like to continue to live, or if I'm gunna take it out back and shoot it.

That better flipping fix this latest round of craputer problems, otherwise I might have to break into Best Buy some night and steal myself a new one.

Ayup ayup.

And, if I get caught... they have computers and the Internet in prison.

So, in essence, my problems would be solved either way.



angie said...

when's the last time you virus scanned?

Elizabeth said...

Well that is just no good sparky!

tom said...

can you 'shake my slowtbook craputer too