Thursday, June 28, 2007


I just got my bill for my second of three trips to the emergency room.

You know, the one where they did an EKG, took two x-rays of my lungs and did a breathing treatment on me?



I'm going to have to start selling my plasma or something.

I love not having insurance.


Elizabeth said...

Can't you call them and get them to waive part of the fee like we talked about???

Trisha said...

Yeah, I would do what Elizabeth said. I'd talk to them about it and see if you can get it reduced AT ALL. That's just craziness right there!!

Sheila said...

Yeah, I'm sure they'll wave some of it. But, between the 3 visits, I'm sure I'll end up having to pay about $1200-$1500 out of pocket. And, I still have an outstanding bill from this visit.

Blogarita said...

That would be great if they'd waive part of the fee, but on the rest, I've found that if you come up with an amount you think you can afford monthly, write them a polite letter stating that's what you'll pay each month, then pay that much faithfully, they'll usually not turn you over for collections.

You can only pay what you can afford to pay.

Good Luck!

Bluepaintred said...


move to Canada

just sayin'

(bring tom)

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Oh Sheila , I feel for you... My Husband just took me off of his Insurance . We just can't afford it any more... It's bad because I have so many health issues, but it can't be helped.... I will think of you now and know you are in the same situation as me.

mist1 said...

Selling eggs fetches a pretty penny. Not that I've done it, I'm just saying.

Jennifer said...

I am too late with this advise, I know. You should consider getting a high deductible plan even if the deductible is so high you will never hit it.

The discounts for having any insurance are worth the price of the insurance.

My deductible for my family is $4000 something, and the plan costs less than $200 a month. My doctors appointments go from being $95 to being $45 though just for having any insurance and the few times I do go pays for the plan.

If I have major issues like you...the plan will pay out. You should consider it.

Kentucky Girl said...

Yowch. Okay I take back bitching about Kaiser Permanente insurance (okay not all of it.)

Trisha said...

Getting them to waive anything at all is better than trying to pay the whole stinking thing. Even if you just pay them $20.00 a month religiously they have to accept that as payment and that will be enough to keep them off your back with collections calls & letters.

Just sayin'.

Elizabeth said...

Good ideas! I think that you should sell your eggs. Doing the plasma thing could also be an option. Yeah yeah just start selling parts of your body to pay your bills.

Anonymous said...

Well, if I had $3,000 to give, I'd certainly mail you a check. But I can't even afford an iPhone.

Sheila said...

Blogarita - It is true, you can't get something out of nothing.

BPR - Will you support Tom and I when we get there? We're packing now.

SQD - Isn't it nice how they make insurance too expensive for those of us who need it?

Mist1 - Holy crap. They DO pay well!

Jennifer - I cannot afford $200 a month. My budget is maxed as it is.

KG - Oh, complain away about your insurance. Just be thankful to have it too! :D

Trish - I like the collections people, though. They're like good friends of mine... ;)

Eliz - Uhm, you first. Can I borrow some money?

Special Sam - iphone? I can't even afford a payphone! Heh. :D

Camplin said...

You going to see "SICKO." If only the US had a better healthcare system.

Sheila said...

Camplin - No need to go see it, I live it!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

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