Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I’ve already seen someone using one of those counters to inform me that there is less than 4 months until Christmas! That means that Halloween and Thanksgiving are even closer! Where does the time go?

I really do love the Christmas season, but sometimes get a little stressed about money. I always have the best intentions of buying my friends and family these amazing presents, but can never scrape together enough money. So, while searching the internet, I’ve found Thank goodness! With all these coupons so easily accessible, I might be able to find some decent presents to give this year.

With online coupons to stores like Target and, I can easily save money while purchasing my mom and sister’s presents. What do you think I should get them? Clothes? A new electronic toy? Maybe… maybe…

And, Tom’s family? We could definitely buy something for Josh at Best Buy, with no problem! I’m thinking we’ll look into some form of laptop accessory, since he’s using his so much in college now.

But, seriously, I need to look at the online coupons when shopping for Ashlyn, since I’m a sucker for babies. I could easily spend millions on any child. All the cute little clothes and toys?! Maybe I should bookmark the Baby Center Store’s coupons from Coupon Chief… just in case I get the urge to buy something, I’ll be able to save some cash.

I know that instead of saving the money from using the coupons, though, I’ll just buy more stuff. That’s not a horrible thing, in my opinion!

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